Monday, August 3, 2009

1,000 Push Up Challenge

Dear Community,

Starting today I am having a 1,000 push up challenge. Starting, you have 120 hours (5 days) to complete 1,000 push ups- 200 a day.

I emailed all of my friends with this challenge this morning- and the response was varied, everything from "Wow- I could use some push ups" to "What the hell? Who would ever do something like this? You're insane".

The general sentiment was one of confusion though. Were we doing them together? Was there a prize? How would the push ups be tracked? (Someone even asked if it was 1000 every day, or 1000 in 5 days. He's weird.) No, we weren't doing them together, there would be no prizes and everything was on the honor system. It's basically just a bunch of people doing a bunch of push ups in the same time period.

So whats the point then? Why not just do some push ups? Why email a bunch of people with the vague idea of an unrewarded challenge? I don't really know to be honest. Something about it just feels more fun. It feels more signifigant to do things with other people, even if you are only imagining these people doing the same activity. (Which, not to go all pedantic on you, but for all your geeks out there, this is where a shout out to Benedict Anderson should be inserted. I probably should have called it the Benedict Anderson Push Up Challenge, but I wans't sure that would actually increase the sell).

So far 10 people have vaguely signed up. And, as I'm doing my 8 sets of 25 push ups on my office floor, I think about those 10 people and I do all 25 instead of stopping at 9- which is where I am pretty sure I would stop otherwise.

Anyone care to join?


  1. 1...2...457...999...and 1000. phew. done.

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