Monday, June 15, 2009

Fix My Mixer

Dear Community,

A few weeks ago I decided to make my very first tart. Whenever I go to bakeries, I always think they are so pretty, but I'm cheap so I usually end up getting my finger prints all over the case pointing at everything and then I promptly leave. So, being a lover of DIY, I thought making one was a good solution to my unadulterated cheapness.

Oh my lord. Tarts are hard. Hard hard hard. And, not to ruin the suspense, but I never actually came out with a complete product. What I did come away with was an undying love for KitchenAid. If it was legal in the state of California, I would have married the entire company on the spot.

It started when I put about 8 cups of flour into my somewhat new food processor. Apparently 8 cups is about 6 cups too much because I ended up covered in flour with a faint smell of something burning and a non functional food processor. This is why I love DIY.

So being the righteous consumer I am, it took me all of 3 minutes to dig around for the KitchenAid 1-800 number (on a Saturday non the less!!) where I called up Shirley or Sherry or Sheila or something (I'm easily forgetful in a rage) to rant about my newly broken gadget.

And just like that, she sent me a new one. She asked me about 2 questions, decided it sounded pretty broken and had a brand new one at my door in 3 days- and KitchenAid isn't exactly right around the corner from where I live.

This is the kind of customer service I want in my life. And, to be honest, the reason I was so impressed with KitchenAid, is because it is a rarity in most of my consumer interactions.

And this is what I spend a good deal of my time thinking about these days. Yesterday I called the 1-800 on my shampoo (!!) bottle and Karen answered in 30 seconds and we chatted briefly about the ideal amount of shampoo to use (that said, Karen said very few people ring her up). This is what I want for AdWords- not that you call me up when you have questions about your shampoo (Karen can help you with that), but that everyone feel that, when they have a problem, there can be some immediate (or reasonably immediate) resolution.

And, I don't have any real answers about how we move closer to this. AdWords isn't like KitchenAid, and it certainly isn't like shampoo. But, in the same breath, we are a product, purchased by consumers, and as long as I can get a new food processor in 36 hours, we have to realize that we exist in a support community where people demand a lot of their companies. And they should because we can do it. And I think we will.

I'm still looking for a good tart recipe, if people have any recommendations, send them my way.

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