Monday, June 15, 2009

The Panda Dilemma

Dear Community,

A few weeks ago I started posting a daily Panda picture on my Twitter stream. Its just a picture, no comments, no follow up on how to increase your AdWords ROI- just a rolly polly panda- sometimes even two or three of them. And, as I'm sure many of you Twitter fanatics do, I post the link to the pictures using a tinyURL so I can see just how many people also love pandas.

As it turns out- lots of people love pandas. In fact, Allison, who sits next to me (and who you will all get to meet in detail in a later post) asked that I post a video on AdWords optimization (a really cute video I will add) and to her absolute dismay- the pandas got more clicks than the video.

Which is why I am now sharing this blog with you, because its not that pandas are more interesting than optimization videos- its that we need both. You can borrow sugar from your neighbor because you feel like you know them. If you got a random bag of white sugary looking substance in the mail from some "weirdo" online, you would/should probably call the police.

And, while I know that we may never be sugar sharing neighbors (some of you health nuts out there probably wouldn't even want my sugar), I would like our online communities to move in this direction- where Pandas meet AdWords.

Which is a long winded wind up, simply to say: welcome to my blog.


  1. Sarah, The pandas are so sweet - keep them coming. And tell Allison not to feel to bad ;)

    Cant wait for more!

  2. Really cool idea, Sarah. Looking forward to seeing more posts!

  3. Oh you are all the best! PAndWords is pretty brilliant- everyone in my office had a good laugh. We'll see if we can get a panda marketing push approved....

  4. Hello Sarah Hobbs,

    This is Tony Joseph from INDIA..>ASIA. First let me introduce about my self so, that there will be no PANDAS comming in between... :) Haa..I truly agree that Pandas are cute.

    - Sarah, I came from Middle class back ground, with minimum family support and 100% support from God Almighty.

    - I worked for HP-Hewlett-Packard for almost 4 years, as Seniour Tech support and have to Quit my job at the time of recession few months back.

    - Before joining HP, I do have my computer hardware services of my OWN. After joining HP, I used to shedule my Service work at the week ends.

    - When working in HP, I came to know about Google adwords and used to learn about it in free time (weekly 1-2Hrs) Max.

    - Now, after loosing my job, I am concentrating Fulltime on my Computer Hardware Service work and on my Google adwords.

    - Recently, I am cought up with some issue with my Google adwords account (tool) and my ads are not at all running smoothly, Clicks-0, Impressions-0

    - Sarah, I have seen your Google adwords reply to the Customers and wanted to be touch with U to learn some good things about Google adwords (Rules to be followed to run my Ads Smoothly), Delicious recipies and About Pandas tooo... :)

    So, now comming to my issue with goole adwords...I had recently created new adwords account, I had seleted the payment "Prepaid" and I do have Credit amount.

    - My ads are still showing as Click-0, impressions-0, so I contacted Google adwords team in India through Help button on Top of the Google adwords tool page.

    - G-team, replied back saying "["We disabled your AdWords account after a review of the landing page quality evaluations in this or a related account, because we believe that this kind of poor-quality site creates a seriously negative or possibly harmful user experience.]"

    - First of all, I didnot even start my Online campaigns yet. Now, I replied back to there Email and from the "HELP" from the tool but till date no reply from them (6:23 PM 2/4/2010). It is almost 4days now. I gave proper explanation with Proof.

    NOTE: The URL I used is "www.Worlds-Best-Quality-Natural-Herbal-Store.Com"

    Sarah, could help me to get this issue resolved, I will be the happiest person on this planet after U....and UR PANDA

    Needed any information about this PLZ reply back to this, I need your help Baddly.