Monday, June 29, 2009

What's Your Myers Briggs?

Dear Community,

A few weeks back, the Online Help Team did a personality type workshop. We structured our workshop loosely on the Colors framework, which is based on the Myers Briggs typology- the whole idea being, if you understand the strengths, weaknesses, motivations etc of your teammates, you will be a happier, more productive team.

The Online Help Team that sits in the US looks something like this

INTJ (me!)
(yes, we're a small team)

To be honest, I would have expected us to be more similar than we are, but, the great thing is, because we are do different, the division of labor is easier. The things I'm bad at, Andrew is really good. The things Allison is good at, I'm bad at. So essentially, Im bad at most things and my teammates make up for it.... But the division of labor thing is a nicer way of putting it. :)

I also had all of the Top Contributors on the Help Forum take the quiz to see their type-which, for me, was the most interesting of all. Again, a huge range of personalities, all attracted to similar work, but all approaching it with their own flare.

The full Myers Briggs test is long, but I found that this quick little quiz is pretty accurate when it comes to identifying your type. If you have a minute, its fun to see where you shake out. Anyone who ends up being an INTJ wins a prize :)


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