Monday, June 22, 2009

Meet Allison!

Dear Community,

Meet Allison. If I had to give you one sentence about Allison, its that she loves SunChips. No, she loves them. You think 8am is to early for Garden Salsa crisps? Think again- Allison would tell you they are perfect with coffee. The office just wouldn't be the office if it wasn't for her background munching throughout the day.

When she isn't eating chips, she works on the AdWords Help Center where she manages everything from search to known issues. She loves Analytics (which is great for me because she is constantly saving my butt) and is dedicated to figuring out why all of you love (and hate) our Help Center. All around she's a pretty great gal.

Actually, that totally selling her short (which, by the way, she is pretty short). I love Allison, which, given that our desks are 2 feet apart, is a good thing. She puts up with my desk crap over flowing into her area and has this contagious laugh that really makes it impossible to be in a bad mood. Plus shes always doing ridiculous things like posing for this picture in her new jacket (which she is still accepting feedback on- hot or not?).

So next time you are using our Help Center, you can picture Allison, in her weird jacket, eating SunChips, trying to figure out how to make the landing page better or the contact flow easier. We tried to get her picture uploaded onto the Help Center homepage to make this visualization easier but the UI group wasn't down. They don't know what they're missing...

Happy Tuesday,


  1. hot. definitely hot. Hot now and in 1983. Thus I argue for timeless hotness.

  2. I can confirm with utter certainty: hot.

  3. No such thing as timeless hotness when you're talking about items from THE EIGHTIES!! Sorry folks, I'm still trying to erase scary wardrobe items from my mind from that decade- Allison, you're not helping.

  4. So who do you think you are? Michael Jackson?? If you didn't have such a cute figure and can get away with such, I'd have to send you to fashion hell but that said I have to vote for HOT, the devil made me say so...Jane