Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Desk

Dear Community,

This morning I was having coffee with a friend, and she commented that one's living space is really a reflection of their state of mind. If this is the case- I'm in trouble. This was actually my first thought when I came into work. My desk looked even more cluttered than usual. I tried to include some captions of all the crap I have strewn everywhere, but I took the picture on my cell phone, so they whole thing is pretty hard to read.

The funny thing is, I share an office with three other people (all of whom I hope to introduce you to someday) and it really is fair to say that our desks reflect our personalities. I have coffee cups everywhere, 6 pairs of shoes under my desk, gym clothes from weeks ago- tacky photo print outs people left by my desk to razz me. It really is a mess. Which isn't to say I'm a mess- more, hmmmm, I like to think of it is eclectic and zany. Along with fun, spontaneous, brilliant and incredibly attractive.

This is Andrew's (Online Help Webmaster) desk:
This kid is the most organized, highly motivated "get stuff done" person I work with. His desk always looks like this- which is to say, he didn't brush up for the photo shoot. He has ridden his bike 30 miles, had breakfast and gone through all of his email by the time I start picking through my desk coffee cups to see if one is clean. And, if we are going with the "you are what your desk looks like" theory- he really is like his desk- or something like that.

So, in an effort to "get more done", I am turning over a new leaf and setting a few goals for the desk space:
1) Only two pairs of shoes under the desk at once
2) Only 2 coffee cups on the desk at one time
3) Spend 10 minutes every Friday "tidying" things up

I'll check back with you in a few weeks so you can see if I have many any progress. And, for those of you that keep desks like Andrew's, I could use any and all advice that you have.


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  1. I just spent the last five minutes using scotch tape to get out all the little lint between my keys on my keyboard. It works really well in case you wanted some desk cleaning tips and also decided on becoming extra OCD.